Spin Doctor v2 Replacement Carbon Brush Set - 2x rotary machine polisher carbon brushes

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00111

2x carbon brushes (replacement set) for the Spin Doctor v2 rotary machine polisher. 

Brushes normally last for years, but detailers using the machine every day may need to change the brushes every 6 months or so (or if they have crumbled due to thermal overload/commutator damage).

WARNING! There is a risk of death changing the brushes of electrical equipment. Ensure the machine is unplugged and that only someone electrically qualified or competent carries out the work. After ensuring the machine is unplugged, the casing screws can be removed, exposing the brushes. Release the spring tension, disconnect the old brush spade connector and replace with a fresh carbon brush. Tension with the brush spring, refit the rear cover/casing and ensure machine is electrically safe before testing. If carbon brushes are being worn out unduly quickly, commutator damage may have occurred due to thermal stress and this part may need repair. Please contact us for repair procedures.

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