Red Mist Tropical- slower drying high gloss synthetic spray sealant OFFER

Dodo Juice

£14.17 £16.67

Red Mist Tropical is the slower drying version of Red Mist. 

It's still glossy and water-repellent, and has the same active ingredients as the original, but its slower drying formula gives higher workability and less chance of smearing - especially in hot climates. 

Red Mist Tropical enhances paint finishes, beads a treat (even on bare paintwork), feels like a Bon Jovi album (slippery when wet - or dry for that matter), and has impressive durability (around 2 months).

Use it instead of a wax, underneath a wax as a sealant base, or over a wax every other wash (after you have washed and dried your car, for a bit of extra 'bling' or to 'top up' the beading). 

Please note that Red Mist Tropical should never be used over 'fresh' wax or sealant. Although less likely to react and not as strong solvents as it's predecessor, it still can have interference issues. 

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