Raw Hide Fragrance 100ml - leather spray air freshener

Dodo Juice


"Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep those wagons rolling, RAWHIIIIIDE!" 

No, this air freshener doesn't smell of Clint Eastwood rounding up cattle, but it does smell of real leather.

Not any kind of faux leather or plasticky leather cloth... oh no, this smells of REAL leather.

The kind of leather that the gimp wears in Pulp Fiction. Well, okay, maybe it doesn't smell like that. We've made our point anyway. Leather fragrance, fresh tanned behind, err, hide... Eau de Gimp, Essence of Whiplash. Yes, leather. That'll be the smell.

So if you have a leather interior, but had many a passenger say, "For a leather interior, it doesn't smell much like leather anymore!", well, now you can look them in the eye, mist some Raw Hide fragrance into the air (or carpets or headlining) and let their nose deal with the reply.

Gauntlet thrown, mic dropped, point made and decking restained.

Therefore, remember to keep the handy 100ml bottle in your doorbin or glovebox, ready to spritz whenever you want a waft of the leather. 

Please note that spray air fresheners may stain light coloured headlining... if concerned, please spray onto the carpets under the front seats instead.

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