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Who's the Prep Daddy?

You are, obviously.

Because you're looking at this kit, laden with the finest prep products known to humanity.

Firstly, there's our 'All In One' cleaner wax (Need for Speed).

Then there's Lime Prime, which is a pre-wax cleanser (so it's a polish, cleaner and glaze in one, but PCGIO doesn't sound as catchy as AIO).

Then we give you Lime Prime Lite for use as a glaze or for use on the most delicate finishes (because it's abrasive-free).

And finally, you get our top end and highly-sophisticated micro-abrasive pre-wax cleanser made from the highest quality ingredients (Supernatural Micro Prime)... it has a cut somewhere between Lime Prime Lite and Lime Prime, so the entire polishing spectrum is covered off (well, almost... we left Lime Prime Plus off so you had something to add to your basket for next Christmas).

Also included is an applicator and buffing cloth... plus the tough decision of what products to actually use on your car now you've got so much choice (see our tutorials section if you get really confused, or get in touch and we'll help).

Contains: Lime Prime 250ml, Supernatural Micro Prime 250ml, Lime Prime Lite 250ml, Need For Speed 250ml, Blue Roo polish applicator, Basics Extra-soft Buffing Cloth

(£62 list price of items = £9 saving)

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