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There is no 12 step recovery program for you, my friend.

No rehab that will cure this addiction.

See, just by looking at this kit, it tells us something about you.

You have the machine polishing bug. You could have just stuck with the pads that you own, but oh no, you wanted a sneaky peak at this tempting set.

It's OK, we won't tell anyone - but don't expect your standard foam pads to be too happy when they get shelved.

Note that these pads suit 120-125mm backing plates. They can be used on rotary and orbital machines, but we do NOT recommend the use of orange foams with orbital (DA) machines because our Supernatural Microfibre pads offer great cut at lower temperatures and orange foam pads are often accidentally 'over-driven' by users. Likewise, you can try a Supernatural Merino wool cutting pad for heavy cutting by rotary machine and may prefer it to the orange foams. Orange foam is for expert use, really, due to the heat that can be generated by inexperienced users (that often leads to pad delamination and may even damage the paint or machine). Stay away from the orange foams until you are confident you can handle them.

Contains: Supernatural Ultra-soft Foam Finishing Pad 160mm, Dodo Juice Waffle Red Finishing Pad 150mm, Dodo Juice Black Fin Finishing Pad 150mm, Dodo Juice Blue Fin Light Polishing Pad 150mm, Dodo Juice Green Fin Heavy Polishing Pad 150mm, Dodo Juice Orange Fin Cutting Pad 150mm.

(£54 list price of items = £6 saving)

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