Mr Skittles Souvenir Kit - fluffy Dodo Juice mascot tribute bundle (6 items) £7 saving

Dodo Juice


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Ever since that fateful day when we hatched him under pj's desk (after stumbling across a Mauritian mosquito encased in amber... long story...) Mr Skittles the Third has captured the hearts and minds of people across the globe.

He used to have more friends on Facebook than Justin Bieber, before he got found out for not being a real person and had his Facebook account suspended. And as for Mr Skittles... well, his profile also nosedived after Mr Bieber suspected it was our fluffy mascot who had sabotaged his social media account.

That was a long time ago, and Mr Skittles has made the kind of career recovery that Harvey Weinstein can only dream about.

These days people just can't get enough of the fluffy-feathered flight-averse pigeon impersonator.

So this collection is for you.

Sure, it won't get your car shiny but it is a small shrine to our mascot.

Or the start of an unhealthy obsession that ends in some kind of court order.

Contains: Mr Skittles fluffy mascot, Mr Skittles 'Bar Fly' badge, Mr Skittles Air Freshener (card), Mr Skittles Gimp Air Freshener (card), Mr Skittles Air Freshener 20ml spray, Mr Skittles Gimp Air Freshener 20ml spray

Please note that Mr Skittles's bag comes in a variety of random colours and may not be yellow, as pictured.

(£49 list price of items = £7 saving)

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