Maxed Up Kit - expert multi-stage detailing bundle with professional kit bag (11 items) £17 saving

Dodo Juice


In Hart to Hart, Max looked after Mr and Mrs Hart.

Carrying on this tradition, the Maxed Up bag looks after your detailing gear, with its multitude of pockets and compartments. You could even fit Freeway the dog into it whilst you investigate a moider.

OK, back to the bundle. Let's leave 80s TV references to one side for a second. Bungle? Did we say Bungle, from Rainbow. No. We said bundle.

This BUNDLE is stuffed full of detailing goodness, to give your car care collection a healthy head start. Or complete it, if you're one of those slightly lazy types who has just purchased a new car and needs some decent clobber without doing any research at all.

All stages (wash, clay, polish, protect and maintain) are covered, and we've maxed the savings for you, as well.

Contains: Dodo Juice Maxed Up Detailing Bag, Born to be Mild 250ml, Basics Clay Bars 110g, Dodo Juice Born Slippy Clay Lube 500ml, Basics Prep Polish 250ml, Rainforest Rub 30ml, Basics Detailing Spray 500ml, Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol 500ml, Basics Tyre and Trim 250ml, Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller 500ml

(£110 list price of items = £17 saving)

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