Magnificent Seven Sample Kit - multi-stage sample bundle 7x100ml (7 items) £7 saving

Dodo Juice


You could have gone for either of the Full Spectrum Kits, but no, you wanted to click here.

Was it intrigue? Was it the fact that you get a bottle of Future Armour as well as our original 100ml bottles? Was it because you are a savy shopper and want to save money? Or was it simply because you love our web shop and want to click on every product? We are leaning towards the latter, but just in case, let us tell you about this actual kit. 

With this kit we cover a lot of bases. Wash. Born to be Mild shampoo for that, me bucko! Prep. How’s about Supernatural Tar and Glue for the tar spots, Total Wipe Out for any stubborn bugs, Clearly Menthol for your glass and Lime Prime to get a little gloss going on?  Protection. Marty McFly's favourite product, Future Armour nano spray sealant... also works on hoverboards. Next! Maintenance? Basics of Bling Detailing Spray sorts that.

And all in handy 100ml sizes, so ideal for gloveboxes, door bins, Boot Cube bags, bullet bandoliers* etc.

Contains: Future Armour 100ml, Born to be Mild shampoo 100ml, Lime Prime polish/pre-wax cleanser 100ml, Supernatural Tar and Glue Remover 100ml, Total Wipe Out APC 100ml, Clearly Menthol glass cleaner 100ml, Basics Detailing Spray 100ml

(£30 list price of items = £7 saving) 

*A Magnificent Seven film reference. You're welcome. Or should that be Yul welcome? Boom-tish.

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