Lite and Warm - polish and wax kit for warm coloured cars, 260ml

Dodo Juice


Lime Prime Lite is a great glaze, adding gloss to almost any surface. It's also abrasive-free, so perfect for soft - or machine polished - paint, where additional cut is simply not required.

This kit lets you sample Lime Prime Lite (200ml bottle), plus a couple of waxes at the warmer end (or middle?) of the optical spectrum... a 30ml soft wax (Orange Crush) and a 30ml hard wax (Banana Armour). Each jar is enough for three or four coats on an average sized car and will give a 2-4% tint to warm paintwork, warming it even further. Mmmmm warm, like the inside of a Tauntaun. Although a lot better smelling.

Contains: Orange Crush 30ml, Banana Armour 30ml and Lime Prime Lite 200ml

Hard vs Soft Wax - which is the one for you? Whilst many of our waxes have a standard consistency, we make some of our waxes a little firmer or softer than normal. Softer waxes are easier to spread by palm or fingertips. Hard waxes often cure faster and go further, because they are less likely to be accidentally over-applied. Both contain similar amounts of carnauba and beeswax and performance will be similar. Harder waxes may cure better if you are new to waxing, so these may seem to offer more performance. And soft waxes may feel glossier due to their 'sorbet' like texture. It often comes down to personal preference - there's no right or wrong with wax texture, it just comes down to what you like.

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