Lime Prime/Micro Prime Prototype - polish collectible RARE

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00004

White Prime. Like Lime Prime, but white. In true Ronseal fashion, this cheeky prototype does exactly what it would say on the bottle, if someone had written 'White Prime' on it, instead of SN2PWC.

Instead of being a friend of R2D2, SN2PWC is actually a prototype version of a Supernatural pre-wax cleanser, based on Lime Prime, but we have since decided to go down a slightly different route with Supernatural Micro Prime and changed the abrasive type to an even finger grade.

So this is a bit of a red herring, at a loose end, down a blind alley.

If you want some Lime Prime but don't like the smell or the green-ness, this rarity is for you.

Inside, you'll find approximately 200ml of pre-wax cleanser (contains micro-abrasives, see Lime Prime for similar specification and use).


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