Lime Prime Lite - zero cut pre-wax cleanser and glaze

Dodo Juice


It still smells limey and it still contains powerful cleaning agents and gloss-enhancing glazing oils. But Lime Prime Lite is a far gentler version of Lime Prime pre-wax cleanser with NO abrasives. We call it a 'cleaner glaze' and it's perfect for jewelling surfaces that need no further polishing (e.g. after they have been machined), or for using as a mild paint cleanser that will remove a wide range of contaminants without stripping the wax or sealant underneath. As a glaze, it's one of the glossiest products in our range and can really help create that 'wet look' that detailers crave.

Best used as a ‘wipe on, wipe off’ product, rather than left to dry - and truly brilliant when applied by machine (use a fine cut 'finishing' foam pad).

Please note - high glaze oil content - do not use on porous UV/sun damaged paints due to the risk of patching/smearing.

Detailing newbies may prefer Basics Prep Polish or Supernatural Micro Prime, both of which are super-fine cut compounds that are easier than Lime Prime Lite to apply in many cases, but won't mar soft paint.

What's the difference between Lime Prime and Lime Prime Lite? Good question... but a simple answer. Lime Prime Lite is an abrasive-free glaze, whereas Lime Prime is a polish containing micro-abrasives. This makes LPL better for very soft finishes, say Japanese paint, for machine polished paint where no more cut is required, and for paints that need all the gloss they can (silver, white). However, it will penetrate deeper into porous or damaged paint making it less workable on classic or UV damaged finishes. Both LP and LPL are great to use by machine polisher and give great results - it's even better than hand applying them. Because LPL is oilier, use it as a 'wipe on, wipe off' product and don't let it sit on paint. If smearing occurs on classic or UV damaged paints, either use a strong detergent to wash the LPL away or apply a wax over the top to give a consistent finish.

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