Light Fantastic Wax ORIGINAL Glass Jar - Much sought after collectors item

Dodo Waxshack

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Every now and then we have a spring clean around the shark tank, a dust around the giant laser or a wipe down of the DNA replication machine (we won that on a tombola at the Elsenham village fete). Every so often we find hidden gems, or lost products. These Light Fantastic Glass Jars are just that, one of our early pours as it's from 2007 as well. They are still sealed, full and never been used. Obviously with them being over a decade old (currently 11 years, 199 days, 35 minutes and 16 seconds) , there may be very slight wear to the labels, they have been in a box in Mr Skittles nest and not moved. 

Own an original glass jar that kick started the Dodo's flight to dominance. 

The Light Fantastic wax is still usable after these years, but the tail/seal has been broken. The wax inside is unused, but has had someone finger dabbed into the top. Maybe someone got hypnotised into dipping their finger in. Maybe they just wanted to feel the softness. Maybe it was me and i'm typing this with a Light Fantastic coated finger. You'll never know.


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