Legends Kit - bestsellers bundle inc shampoo, polish, wax and buffing cloth (4 items) £9 saving

Dodo Juice


"Legends are made, not born."

Now we don't know who said that, or whether it was used for selling overpriced trainers, but either way, it suits this kit.

The legends inside this kit make Avatar, Titanic and Gravity look like also-rans at a B-Movie convention.

First up, quadruple award-winning Dodo Juice Born to be Mild shampoo - unbeaten in the Detailing World awards for many years and for good reason... it's 1:800 concentration and contains limescale inhibitors along with its blend of high quality surfactants.

Lime Prime (polish and pre-wax cleanser) took a win back in its launch year as well, and it's been our best-selling polish for the best part of a decade.

Fantastic Fur is our best-selling microfibre - the plushest rag on the block.

And Supernatural Hybrid has won three awards in just two years - including 'Best Wax' and 'Best Sealant' simultaneously.

How does that even happen? That's like Bruce Jenner winning GQ Man of the Year and Caitlyn Jenner picking up Top Female at the Cosmo Awards on the same day. Awesome, in other words.

Contains: Dodo Juice Born to be Mild 250ml, Dodo Juice Lime Prime 250ml, Supernatural Hybrid 100ml, Dodo Juice Fantastic Fur buffing cloth

(£59 list price of items = £9 saving)

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