Basics Just Buckets Kit - intro twin bucket kit without bucket filters (4 items) £8 saving

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Two beautiful 'standard' buckets from Mr Skittles' very own stock room, complete with dust cover style lids and 'Wash' and 'Rinse' stickers. That's 41 litres of bucket action, at 20.5 litres each. A perfect intro to the twin bucket system, and all for just £20.

  • Two buckets so you can start washing your car properly, a la Two Bucket Method... Wash and Rinse stickers included.
  • Semi-translucent high quality plastic buckets, so you can see how grubby your wash water gets (you can't see through bucket foam easily, so darkened water indicates when the water is too dirty and should be changed).
  • Works with the Grit Guard as well as the Scratch Shield... much larger bucket bottom than you'll find with a builder's bucket. (In fact, this bucket's bottom is so big it's 'Simply Kardashian'!)... these can be purchases separately at a later date if required.
  • 2x lid/dust covers. Not water tight but good for keeping dust and debris out.
  • 20.5 litre capacity for each bucket, plus they are stackable with metal handle and plastic handle grip.

Contains: 2x standard buckets and lids, 'Wash' and 'Rinse' bucket stickers

(£28 list price of items = £8 saving)

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