Junkie Juice Detailing Spray 250ml - Rare limited edition from Fitment Junkies Carbeque

Dodo Waxshack

SKU: LW0188

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Junkie Juice is a detailing spray that we made for Fitment Junkies at our 2016 Carbeque (Fitment Junkies annual meet combined with Dodo Juice sponsored cars at DJHQ). It is an invite-only event, so only the selected few are chosen to attend. That's what makes our one-offs for them all the more special. 

This quick detailer cleans and shines paintwork (and other surfaces), is ready to use and smells like our Cherry Bomb Air Freshener

We made roughly 50 bottles of Junkie Juice, around 40-45 were given to attendees and then we have these ones that were left. So you should take this opportunity to get your hands on them, because they won't be made again. 


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