Independent Wax Label Collector's Kit - specialist homebrew wax bundle (5 items) £16 saving

Dodo Juice


Our Independent Wax Label allows homebrewers to send in samples of their waxes for consideration; the best ones may become a commercial reality and get released.

Sadly, only a few will get chosen: a submitted wax can't just be a great product, it must have character and consumer appeal as well.

This makes IWL waxes extra-special and we're grouping our first three IWL releases together in one bundle, right here. And all with a £16 saving! 

Not only are they great waxes to use, but they may even inspire you to grab some carnauba flakes, beeswax pellets and Spirito di Dodo solvent and become a homebrewer yourself... 

Contains: Bouncer's 22 100ml, Obi-Dan Karnubi's Chocwork Orange 100ml, Bouncer's Satsuma Rock 100ml, Basics Wax applicator, Basics Extra-Soft Buffing cloth.

(£116 list price of items = £16 saving)

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