Incredibly Edible Carnauba Chocpot 30ml - christmas gift collectible

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00046

This is not a car wax.

It is chocolate - carnauba chocolate, made with real carnauba and potentially edible (although these are well past their sell by date now).

We did them as a gift to resellers and suppliers in 2011 and since then they have become very collectible, with one even up for sale on ebay at one point at a staggering £300!

These chocpots show blooming and an aged patina, which probably adds to their character.

Needless to say, we aren't making any more carnauba chocolate - especially after at least one person tried spreading it on a car - so get some while you can.

Approx 220-230 were made in total and we have just a few for sale here. RARE.

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