Hog Brush Kit - hog's hair detailing brush bundle (2 items) £1 saving

Dodo Juice


Well done. Let us just congratulate you straightaway, even if you don't place this in your basket. You've done well.

You decided to look at a kit instead of going for either brush separately. Not only will you save a bit of money, but you will also get two brushes. 

The smaller 25mm collar Hog Brush is great for using on the interior (corners of the dash, air vents, switches etc) or exterior (badges, grilles).  

Then there's the larger 40mm collar Hog Brush, that's a perfect size for your wheels, larger vents and grilles and basting BBQ sauce onto large chickens. Just make sure you've cleaned off the Ferrous Dueller first. 

Contains: Hog Brush 25mm, Hog Brush 40mm

(£7 List price of items = £1 saving)

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