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If you need a little heavy cut action in your detailing life, you may be interested in our rotary Heavy Meddle Kit.

This combines our remaindered Spin Doctor PRO machine, our heaviest cut polish and some cutting pads. You see, the Spin Doctor PRO was a good heavy cut high power machine polisher, but it only wanted to go fast and didn't want to go slow. Like a whippet at the local dog's home. 

At speeds of 1400rpm and above (it goes to 3000rpm), the Spin Doctor PRO is well-behaved, but below 1400rpm the analogue speed control and high gearing/low torque can cause the machine to 'hunt' ie the speed can waver up and down, especially if the pad isn't flat on the panel. It doesn't affect operation or cut, but it can be unexpected or annoying. It also has a safety-lock on the trigger, so you need to depress the button to activate the trigger - then hold the trigger down when the machine is in use. There is NO trigger lock to keep the machine on permanently. This doesn't suit all detailers.

Finally, the location of the safety-lock button means that it only suits right-handed individuals... if you are left-handed this machine will not be right for you (choose the regular Spin Doctor v2 instead).

If you can look past these foibles, the standard spec of the Spin Doctor PRO is very good. It comes with both a side handle and a D-handle, an extra-long 5m lead (compared to 4m as standard on the Spin Doctor v1), two brush sets and a hard carry case. It is CE marked and comes with a UK three-pin plug, 240v - but as this is remaindered stock we have a no-returns policy with this machine.

In addition to the Spin Doctor PRO, your heavy cut rotary machine bundle comes with a Supernatural (123mm) backing plate, for use with the Waffle Orange (heavy cut) and Green Fin (medium cut) pads supplied. We have also included Lime Prime Plus 250ml (medium cut) and a machine polishing tutorial booklet.

Originally, this kit would have cost approximately £165 to put together, but as a bundle we would sell it for £120. Because we are remaindering the old PRO machines, we have this on a special clearance offer of just £70. That's fantastic value at £95 off original retail prices, but please ensure you are happy with the characteristics of the PRO machine before going ahead because returns cannot be accepted.

Contains: Spin Doctor PRO rotary polisher (UK plug), Supernatural Rotary Backing Plate 123mm, Waffle Orange Cutting Pad 150mm, Green Fin Medium Cut Pad 150mm, Lime Prime Plus Medium Cut Polish 250ml, Dodo Juice Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet

(£165 list price of items = £45 saving at original kit price, £95 saving at clearance price)


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