Heavy Cut Hardware - heavy cut pad and polish bundle (orbital or rotary) - up to £9 saving

Dodo Juice


Is your paint harder than an armadillo wrapped in concrete?

Maybe, but unless you've thrown an armoured mammal into wet cement you're probably just guessing.

Either way, your paint may be harder than standard and difficult to correct (some German paints can be particularly tough).

First, step up your technique and ensure that you are getting the most cut out of what you have already. Then, if you're still not getting the desired results, you'll need to step up to more aggressive pads and polishing compounds.

In the orbital kit, you'll get a Midi Microfibre pad to ramp up the cut, with some Lime Prime Plus. And then when things get really serious, you can reach for the Corduroy Cutting Pad. If you struggle to eradicate swirls with this firepower you definitely need to check your process and technique. Even a humble DAS-6 is going to be weaponized with these.

For rotary users, there's a 150mm Maxi Mount backing plate with Maxi Merino wool pad, for a purposeful (yet cooler) cut, a couple of orange foam pads, a super-aggressive Corduroy Cutting pad and our latest mid-cut compound, Lime Prime Plus. If Slipknot, Megadeath and Sepultura were detailing products instead of bands, they would be in this kit. That's how heavy this kit is.

All in all way to really ramp up your polishing results whatever machine you use - although take care not to cause inadvertent paint damage through incorrect or over-zealous use of these heavyweight products. You have been warned...

Orbital kit contains: Supernatural Midi Microfibre Cutting Pad, Supernatural Corduroy Cutting Pad, Dodo Juice Lime Prime Plus 250ml

(£34 list price of items = £4 saving)

Rotary kit contains: Dodo Juice Maxi Mount M14 backing plate, Supernatural Maxi Merino wool cutting pad, Dodo Juice Waffle Orange cutting pad, Dodo Juice Orange Fin cutting pad, Supernatural Corduroy Cutting Pad, Dodo Juice Lime Prime Plus 250ml

(£74 list price of items = £9 saving)

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