Hard Candy Fragrance 100ml - sugar candy spray air freshener

Dodo Juice


"I'll take you to the candy shop, I'll let you lick the lollipop..." 

50 Cent used these lyrics to serenade many a lady while driving them to the club in his Hard Candy protected 'Benz.

Although Hard Candy was released 2 years after Fiddy's song he apparently (by apparently we mean fictionally) called up Dom and PJ and begged for them to do an advertising blitz for their new wax and use his song.

They didn't, his career faltered and the rest is history. 

Fiddy can take solace knowing that he can now buy this 100ml bottle of sweet, sweet fragrance and spray its candy-scented goodness into the air, onto headlining or carpets and re-live those glory hip hop days.

He might not drive a Mercedes anymore (we heard he'd recently downsized to a Toyota Yaris), but this convenient sized bottle fits in most car doorbins and glove boxes. Assuming a MAC-10 isn't also in there.  

Spray air fresheners may stain light coloured headlining - if concerned, please spray onto the carpets under the front seats instead.

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