Hard Candy 30ml - our original carnauba hard wax - for any colour car

Dodo Juice


Like our original carnauba soft wax Rainforest Rub, Hard Candy’s colour is neither too warm or too cold, so we think it's a great choice for any colour of paintwork.

As well as T1 grade carnauba wax, it also contains Mexican candelilla wax (hence the ‘candy’) and it's also firmer in texture rather than soft. This means it applies more consistently and sparingly, making it almost impossible to over-apply.

The result is perfect curing, time after time. An absolute gift for detailing newbies, and first choice of many pro detailers (who consider Hard Candy to be the best wax they have ever used in terms of ease-of-use).

You'll therefore enjoy an easily applied coating that fills minor defects and swirls on your car's paintwork, repels water like crazy when it rains and helps to protect the finish and make it less trouble to clean.

It's economical, too. All those thin layers eek out a jar. You'll get at least three to four coats from this 30ml tub on an average sized car... someone even got nine coats on a classic Mini!

Recoating interval? About every 2-3 months, but that's on a daily driver. On a garaged classic car used occasionally we'd probably re-wax once a year. And maybe get a finger mitt wax applicator while you are at it - they're small enough to fit into the mouth of these small jars.

Hard vs Soft Wax - which is the one for you? Whilst many of our waxes have a standard consistency, we make some of our waxes a little firmer or softer than normal. Softer waxes are easier to spread by palm or fingertips. Hard waxes often cure faster and go further, because they are less likely to be accidentally over-applied. Both contain similar amounts of carnauba and beeswax and performance will be similar. Harder waxes may cure better if you are new to waxing, so these may seem to offer more performance. And soft waxes may feel glossier due to their 'sorbet' like texture. It often comes down to personal preference - there's no right or wrong with wax texture, it just comes down to what you like. 

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