Handy Candy Wax Kit - car wax bundle with Hard Candy (3 items) £3 saving

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Not only is Hard Candy a great choice of wax for any colour paintwork, but its texture and firmness make it consistent, economical and easy to apply. In fact, many argue (well, by many, we mean Gaz Wynne from Detail My Ride) that it is the easiest wax in the whole world to apply and by far the best product we have ever made.

To make this sweet-smelling wax even more attractive, we have included a couple of handy accessories - a wax applicator and buffing cloth.

Is it in your basket now?

Oh, you were seeing if there is something else written here... Nope. There's not. A kit that's obviously this good needs no extra words.

Contains Hard Candy 30ml, Fantastic Fur, Basics Wax Applicator

(£16 list price of items = £3 saving)

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