Garland Air Freshener - Hawaiian style lei with card air freshener (3 fragrances available)

Dodo Juice


If you want a lei (that's posh for garland) that smells as fragrant as it looks, then get your basket-clicking finger at the ready. Just attach the air freshener to the garland by feeding it through the elasticated loop.

Et voila... a scented garland that should keep your car fresh for a few days at least (you can always spray our 100ml air fresheners onto the garland leaves to keep the fragrance at eye-watering concentration).

Choose from:

  • Rainforest Rub. This medium sized solid green garland comes with a Rainforest Rub 'watermelon' scented air freshener, in a Dodo Juice leaf design.
  • Blue Skittles (Born to be Mild). A solid blue medium-sized garland, with a Mr Skittles card air freshener. Sniff his papery torso and be greeted with teh lush berries smell of Born to be Mild shampoo.
  • Skittles Gimp (Leather). A white and red flower garland, with a contrasting black gimp Skittles. As you'd expect, our gimpish mascot smells of leather.

Don't like our garland combinations? Just purchase garlands and card air fresheners separately and create your own...

Please note: garlands should never obstruct the view ahead or your rear vision. Always ensure garlands are positioned correctly and legally and never drive with your vision obscured.

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