Future Armour - high performance spray sealant (wet or dry application)

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Future Armour is a high performance spray sealant with the advantage of being water-based, so you can use it on wet or dry paint - or even as a fortifier to a pressure washer rinse solution.

As the name suggests, this nano-derived technology has one foot in the future.

That's right, we were visited by Mr Skittles the seventh and he unlocked all the secrets of the (future) universe.

He said that Red Mist and Supernatural Acrylic Spritz will always have fans, but the formula that we will create years into the future should be with us now. He said that Future Armour is very special and gives detailers a third option for less money (whilst impressing with potentially even more performance). If we said yes, he'd pop one into his time machine and beam it back to us in 2015.

So who were we to say no? After all, it's not everyday that an extinct bird visits us from the future.... 

Back to Future Armour.

OK, the word versatile doesn't do it justice... it can be used on all trim, side glass and metal components as well as paintwork, wet or dry. No visible residue. You can dilute it 1:1 to 1:10 depending on personal preference. Add some to a foam lance dosing bottle and spray it on. Fill up your pressure washer dosing bottle and blast it all over your car/caravan/horsey box.

It's also very durable (2-4 months longevity on daily drivers) with great beading and sheeting, although we recommend it is levelled/buffed thoroughly with a soft cloth at application because it is so strong in formulation terms. If you don't buff it with a drying towel or buffing cloth, it may cure inconsistently (leading to shiny spots or smears... if this happens, remove it with a strong solvent/panelwipe and apply a wax over the top to cover the inconsistent finish). Should you struggle to get the best from it neat, dilute it down a bit and try again. It's up to 10x stronger than similar products on the market. And if your black car with old paintwork still begs for mercy, simply re-purpose Future Armour for use as a wheel sealant. All it can do in that role is impress.

We've included a couple of application videos for you at the bottom of this page to help you get the best from, well, the best... it was the highest performing spray sealant in the 2018 Auto Express wax and sealant test, after all.

As a pro detailer who trialled the product said, ‘Now you can protect an entire car for under 99p, as I only used about 20ml of the bottle.’ That means you could protect 25 cars with a 500ml bottle, or all the cars in Heathrow T3 short stay with the 5 litre version. Maybe.

*2017 Auto Express Recommendation*

*2018 Auto Express Recommendation*




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