Full Spectrum Sample Kit (Soft Wax) - starter bundle with soft car wax (7 items) £7 saving

Dodo Juice


So you want to try as much Juice as possible before taking things to second base?

Fair enough.

Good things come in small packages - and this Full Spectrum Sample Kit doesn't disappoint.

Nothing in this kit is over 100ml, making these smaller detailing products handy for gloveboxes, door bins, purses, man bags, napsacks or just pockets.

Although we wouldn't advise it, it means that you could give your car a little spruce up in a traffic jam. Just think, if Michael Douglas had some of these in his glove compartment, Falling Down may never have happened.

Contains: Rainforest Rub carnauba wax 30ml, Dodo Juice Born to be Mild shampoo 100ml, Dodo Juice Lime Prime polish/pre-wax cleanser 100ml, Supernatural Tar and Glue Remover 100ml, Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out APC 100ml, Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol glass cleaner 100ml, Basics of Bling Detailing Spray 100ml

(£32 list price of items = £7 saving) 

Hard vs Soft Wax - which is the one for you? Whilst many of our waxes have a standard consistency, we make some of our waxes a little firmer or softer than normal. Softer waxes are easier to spread by palm or fingertips. Hard waxes often cure faster and go further, because they are less likely to be accidentally over-applied. Both contain similar amounts of carnauba and beeswax and performance will be similar. Harder waxes may cure better if you are new to waxing, so these may seem to offer more performance. And soft waxes may feel glossier due to their 'sorbet' like texture. It often comes down to personal preference - there's no right or wrong with wax texture, it just comes down to what you like.

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