Full Juice Kit - expert multi-stage detailing bundle (11 items) £9 saving

Dodo Juice


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Okay, so you don't want to dabble with the Juice, you want the FULL Juice. And nothing but the Juice, so help me Mr Skittles.

Fair enough.

You'll therefore find all stages covered, from wash and clay through to polishing, protection and maintenance - and all for about the same cost as a full tank of fuel.


Coincidentally, in the film 'A Few Good Men', Tom Cruise tried to borrow some Born to be Mild off Jack Nicholson to wash his Chevy, and Jack responded with: "You can't handle the Juice!" The scriptwriter heard Jack scream at Tom and added the line to the film, changing 'Juice' to 'truth' for legal reasons.

And the rest is history.

Contains: Dodo Juice Born to be Mild shampoo 250ml, Basics Clay Bars 110g, Basics Clay Lube 500ml, Dodo Juice Blue Roo Polish Applicator, Basics Prep Polish 250ml, Diamond White 30ml, Basics Finger Mitt Wax applicator, 2x Basics Extra-soft Buffing Cloths, Basics Detailing Spray 500ml

(£64 list price of items = £9 saving)

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