Foamland Kit - snow foam lance and 500ml foam bundle (2 items) £4 saving

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Carrie Mathison once discovered that Saul had been using Apple iFoam through a rubbish foam lance and that the results were compromising the integrity of the paintwork of whatever car Saul drives, because Saul doesn't drive much, but it was probably a CIA Cadillac spec Escalade in shiny (but swirly) black paint. Being a bit miffed at this, she did some undercover research in Elsenham, UK, and discovered that a company called 'Doo Doo Juice' could create a kit that contained both a decent foam lance AND a decent snow foam. Together. Like Peter Quinn and Carrie Mathison sitting in a tree, or copping off in a safe house or whatever. Anyway, enough of this Foamland nonsense. You'll be getting:

- A proper Snow Commotion foam lance to fit Nilfisk, Kew and Alto pressure washer guns (but NOT Nilfisk Pro guns). (The Snow Commotion lance is made from brass, with a 1 litre dosing bottle and adjustments for mixture and compression, to create a thick, shaving-cream-like foam). Some assembly is required but we include PTFE tape and instructions - all you need is a 16mm metric spanner and an adjustable spanner or mole/monkey wrench to tighten the Nilfisk/Alto/Kew connector. See the secondary pic to see what the connector looks like. If it doesn't look like it will fit, please do more research before making a purchase or buy additional adaptors separately.

- 500ml of Dodo Juice concentrated pH-neutral snow foam (Apple iFoam). This is a maintenance snow foam, that won't strip previously applied wax or sealant when used at the correct dilution. You'll use it at 1:10 to 1:20 in your litre snow foam dosage bottle, so this kit should give you 5-10 full bottles of snow foam mix. That's usually enough for 7-15 cars.

Price wise, there's a nifty saving compared to buying the items individually, plus we're saving your clicking finger and wear to your keyboard. We really do think of everything.

(£34 individual cost of items = £4 saving)

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