Flat Earth (Glass Jar Edition) - 70% pure carnauba car wax/paperweight collectible (ultra-rare)

Dodo Juice

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More paperweight tomfoolery. This time in glass.

An ultra-rare glass jar edition of the legendary yet ludicrous '70% carnauba' wax that is Flat Earth.

As idiotic and unusable as any true 70% carnauba wax (by weight or wet volume) has a right to be.

One of only two in existence, with the other filed away in the Martian Objects cabinet, inside the Science Museum (due to miscategorisation when pj submitted it and couldn't spell Mauritian properly).

Please note that this example has been opened for quality control and demonstration purposes. The wax has fractured inside the jar, but is still present and equivalent to about 250ml of product.

That's almost 175g of raw carnauba, people.

If carnauba is your mistress, Flat Earth is your blue pill.


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