Let Us Spray finger spray bottle - clear PET plastic - 250ml, 500ml

Dodo Juice


One of Clint Eastwood's lesser known movies was 'Spray Misty for Me'. It was all about a DJ who liked to polish cars, and he'd always have a spritz bottle handy. Along with some whisky. But enough about that.

This is just an empty bottle, ready for you to fill with diluted detailing solutions or just good old water. It also suits clay lube quite nicely - but don't fill it with very strong solvents or chemicals because the nozzle won't like it. If that's your game, try our chemical resistant Let Us Spray bottle instead.

These 250ml and 500ml spritz bottles come with a 24mm finger spray and a natty label you can write on (to remind you what's inside them).

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