Fin It to Win It Kit - fin cut polishing pad bundle (6 items) £5 saving

Dodo Juice


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If you like waffle pads, you'll love the Fins... they're like a super-waffle... with less sling, more consistency across the paint surface and cooler running temps.

This kit has a couple of smaller 'spot' pads in as well, so why not see what all the fuss is about?

Please note that we recommend heavy cut (orange) fin pads are only used with rotary machines rather than orbital machines, as they can delaminate if run hot with an orbital throw. Use a Supernatural Midi Microfibre pad instead for heavy cutting with an orbital machine.

Contains: Black Fin Finishing Pad 150mm, Blue Fin Light Polishing Pad 150mm, Green Fin Heavy Polishing Pad 150mm, Orange Fin Cutting Pad 150mm, Black Fin Finishing Pad 80mm, Green Fin Heavy Polishing Pad 80mm

(£48 list price of items = £5 saving)

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