Ferrous Dueller iron/fallout remover and wheel cleaner

Dodo Juice


Colour-change iron removers have become very popular due to their effective action and spectacular reaction when they come into contact with near-invisible iron contaminants. Whilst they will never be a complete substitute for claying, they can decrease your clay's workload and work brilliantly on wheels as a wheel cleaner.

Our Ferrous Dueller is pH neutral to minimise the chance of inadvertent damage to sensitive finishes and contains additional ingredients to boost performance. It's not just the same colour change wheel cleaner or fallout remover that everyone else is selling cheaply on ebay.

Ferrous Dueller uses a 'lower' odour active ingredient to keep the unpleasant smell of these products to an absolute minimum, and blends this with surfactants to boost cleaning power (really useful on wheels which tend to have more contamination than just brake dust). It also has a little more 'cling' than some other iron removers, to increase dwell time – yet it remains easily sprayable. 

Use it and you'll feel like you're having a detailing day off... it's that easy.



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