Fantastic Plastic 250ml - trim sealant for plastic, vinyl and rubber finishes

Dodo Juice


Fantastic Plastic is a solvent-based trim dressing that cleans trim before coating it in a thin layer of satin sealant. And best of all, there’s no chance of it running down paintwork or chalking, so you can use it on textured surfaces with wild abandon. But it suits smooth trim just as well and if you want a subtle but effective trim product, look no further.

All in all, this is a great alternative to greasy silicone ‘wet look’ dressings... Fantastic Plastic is 'touch dry' and non-sticky after application. Expect a couple of months before recoating - and you can layer it for further longevity. It even beads nicely!

The sealant ingredients help protect the trim from UV damage and contamination, as well as making the trim easier to clean during the next wash. Silicone dressings may look great for a while but they don't have the staying power and are normally gone in 1-2 weeks.

Finally, Fantastic Plastic has a little party trick - 'flip colouring'. Hold it up to the light and it switches from orange to pink and back again, just like an old TVR fresh from the custom paintshop. OK, it makes no odds to performance, but it is sort of interesting.

For heavily faded or oxidised trim (that has gone grey over time) we recommend Tyromania tyre and trim wax instead, as this will provide a more consistent finish and help recolour the damaged material. Fantastic Plastic is at its most fantastic when applied to trim that is in a good state of repair, on modern vehicles.



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