Evergreen Wax glass jar 50ml - car wax collectible overpour

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00194

Pj helped Per-H, our Norwegian reseller, make a commemorative wax called Engel in honour of his late son, the Engel ('angel') in question. It's blue (for a boy) and has a pine fragrance, to conjure up thoughts of atmospheric and majestic Norwegian woods. These jars are 'overpour' from the first batch. 

The wax itself is highly usable hybrid wax and was formulated for the nordic climate.
Applied to clean paint, wait 5 minutes then buff off. The durability will last 4-5 months. 

Obviously they look great in the glass jars, if you just want them in your collection and living on a shelf as well :)  

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