E.T. Foam Home Kit - snow foam lance and 1 litre foam bundle (2 items) £4 saving

Dodo Juice


When E.T. called home, he was doing so because the snow foam technology in the 1980s was non-existent.

Elliott had some WD-40 or something for that BMX with a shopping basket (that would have got him duffed up for being a jessie, to be quite frank - lucky he wasn't riding around the North of England).

And E.T. found something foamy in the bathroom cupboard that made his finger glow, but that may have been Deep Heat Foam Bath.

After trying both through an adapted Soda Stream on Elliott's dad's station wagon, E.T. realised that a proper snow foam for detailing a car or space capsule was not available yet on Earth, as it was only 1982.

So he rung home in order that the advanced alien civilisation he called family could bury a bottle of Apple iFoam (purchased from the future Amazon shop in 2016 via time machine) in Barry Meguiar's rose garden within the Meguiars compound, circa 1983, so that they could start working on one.

This whole 'phone/foam' fiasco was pretty much cut out of the movie, but it definitely happened because E.T. was a documentary according to the Fake News site we get all our information from.

But back to the shop.

What do you get in this 'Lance and Foam' kit?

Here's the haul:

  • A proper Snow Commotion foam lance with adaptor for your pressure washer... please choose carefully. (The Snow Commotion lance is made from brass, with a 1 litre dosing bottle and adjustments for mixture and compression, to create a thick, shaving-cream-like foam). Some assembly is required but we include PTFE tape and instructions - all you need is an 16mm metric spanner and an adjustable spanner or mole/monkey wrench to tighten the connections.
  • 1 litre of Dodo Juice concentrated pH-neutral snow foam (Apple iFoam). This is a maintenance snow foam, that won't strip previously applied wax or sealant when used at the correct dilution. You'll use it at 1:10 to 1:20 in your litre snow foam dosage bottle, so this kit should give you 10-20 full bottles of snow foam mix. That's usually enough for 14-30 cars.

Price wise, there's a nifty saving compared to buying the items individually, plus we're saving your clicking finger and wear to your keyboard.

We really do think of everything.

(£40 list price of items = £4 saving)

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