Easy Does It Wax Kit - 'easy application' protection bundle (7 items) £7 saving

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If you want an easy life when applying a wax or sealant, here's the ultimate kit.

It contains Hard Candy - considered by many to be the easiest carnauba wax to use, ever - plus some Supernatural Hybrid (easiest applying wax/sealant in our range), Supernatural Acrylic Spritz (easiest applying spray sealant) and the relevant applicator and buffing cloths.

If this kit is purchased, your car will be easy on the eyes, your bank account will be easy to manage (thanks to a whopping £7 saving) and you may even find University Challenge easy.

OK, we lied about the last one.

Contains: Hard Candy 30ml, Supernatural Hybrid 30ml, Supernatural Acrylic Spritz 250ml, Basics Wax Applicator, Basics Extra-soft Buffing Cloth, Supernatural Microsuede Buffing Cloths

(£47 list price of items = £7 saving)

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