Dodo Juice bucket stickers/vinyls - Wash, Rinse, Wheels

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If you're clever, you're already using two buckets when washing your car to help prevent swirl marks. if you're cleverer still, you'll be using Grit Guards or Scratch Shields as well. And then if you're beyond clever and nearing absolute genius, you may even have a third bucket for the wheels. But with all those buckets around, and a bit of foam sitting on top of even the rinse water after just a few dips of the mitt, how do you tell each bucket apart?

Firstly, you can use different coloured Grit Guards - blue and red, for example. But if you have opaque buckets these will be difficult to see once a little foam takes hold.

Which brings us on to bucket stickers. Wash, Rinse or Wheels, according to your bucket type. We were one of the first companies to popularise these almost a decade ago, making them in van-livery quality '7 year' vinyl to ensure they didn't fade or fall off. Now, there are dozens of companies doing their own versions, but none look quite as good as these, designed in association with our good buddy Rob.

So if your bucket is bare - and no, that's not a euphemism - give it a treat and put a bucket sticker on it. And if your buckets are a bit ropey, why not get a complete bucket kit? We do single, twin and triple bucket kits in both Basics and full fat Dodo Juice styles.

Sticker size (individual) = approx 200x175mm (width x height)

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