Decon Five Kit - paint decontamination bundle (7 items) £6 saving

Dodo Juice


When the president of the USA goes to 'Decon 5' you know he's got serious contamination all over the presidential limousine.

He reaches for this kit here - assuming he uses Dodo Juice products - which contains spot and spray tar removers, a mildly abrasive cleanser (Lime Prime) and an all-purpose cleaner (or all-porpoise cleaner, if you work at Sea World).

Bizarrely, whilst there are five items in this 'Decon Five' kit, you actually get seven because the cloths are a three pack.

Even Rachel Riley looks confused.

Contains: Tarmalade 30ml, Supernatural Tar and Glue Remover 500ml, Lime Prime 250ml, Total Wipe Out Ready-to-Go Spray 500ml, Basics Buffing and Polishing Cloths Triple Pack.

(£48 list price of items = £6 saving)

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