Buff Daddy DAS-6 side handle - fits all genuine DAS-6 and DAS-6 Pro machines

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00080

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A side handle for the orbital DAS-6 and DAS-6 Pro machines (550W or 900W).

DAS-6 orbitals generally only come with the D-handle (a more popular choice). This allows you to use a side handle when polishing.

Be careful when affixing it to the machine; if it isn't inserted into the machine straight, the thread could be stripped or damaged.

May suit other makes of DAS-6 or DA machine but no guarantee can be given. It definitely fits all Dodo Juice Buff Daddy machines and also genuine DAS-6 machines from the original DAS-6 factory supplier (some machines are called 'DAS-6' when they are merely a similar design!). Be aware before you order. Side handle grips may vary, but all will fit the Buff Daddy.

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