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Core Eight 250ml - Choose between our core eight waxes at discount prices SECONDS

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£18.33 £27.50

These waxes were sent back to us from a reseller that sadly isn't trading anymore. Mr Skittles hid them round the back of the flux capacitor (just next to the original T-500 Terminator model). Some labels may be slightly tatty... that's why they're discounted. The waxes inside are completely UNUSED though, so it's still the great wax you know... it's just been hiding in the corner for a couple of years and the label may show some wear and tear. As we know though, waxes have a long shelf life. 

If you just want to use the waxes and not worried about the labels, then these are even better value (save around £10-£13) 

Just in case you don't know what the Core Eight waxes are, it's our original four hard waxes (Blue Velvet, Diamond White, Hard Candy and Banana Armour) and our original four soft waxes (Purple Haze, Rainforest Rub, Orange Crush, Light Fantastic).  

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