Spin Doctor v1 rotary machine polisher - factory refurbished - SECONDS

Dodo Juice

£33.33 £82.50
SKU: LW00282

A factory refurbished Spin Doctor (v1 machine, manufactured before 06/14) rotary machine polisher. This has now been superseded by the v2 machine.

This example will have been pre-owned and pre-used (so it may have minor marks/scuffs/polish residue on it), but it will have been repaired at the factory and brought back up to good working order.

Comes with one spare set of carbon brushes, but unfortunately we can't support it after purchase (no warranty or further brush sets, hence the price). There is NO M14 125mm backing plate so you will need one of those, and you'll obviously have to source your own pads and polish.

But a great chance to get your hands on one of these excellent lightweight rotary machines for well under half the original retail price.

Please note that the machine shown is for illustrative purposes only and is NOT the actual machine supplied.

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