Rubbish Boy's Juiced Edition Original Label 200ml - Collectors item home brew tribute car wax

Dodo Juice


A lot of people go crazy for our original glass jar waxes, but there have been very subtle changes to our labels over the years. People have noticed some (like the panel pots going from plain background to coloured images), we won't tell others, cos we're rebels. Then we have Rubbish Boys Juiced Edition 200ml, it was extremely subtle but all of a sudden people would come up to us at shows looking for one label or the other. Being a bird of the people Mr Skittles went and hid a few of the original labelled ones. As we spring clean (in Winter- we do things differently around here) we took them, and here they are! Same great wax, just older labels, so if you're a collector or you just want to play spot the difference with your newer pot label, here you go! 

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