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Nutt Plug - foam-headed wheel nut/bolt cleaner - SECONDS no spare foam head

Dodo Juice

£4.17 £6.67

These Nutt Plugs have no spare foam heads (for replacement). Exactly like the original listing of Nutt plugs, but just one head. Like a lonely Hydra beast. 


The Dodo Juice Nutt Plug cleans parts of the wheel other foams, brushes and sponges may struggle to reach. It fits snugly inside stud holes and smothers wheel nuts and wheel bolts with its sponge head, allowing them to be cleaned quickly and with a greater contact patch than may otherwise be possible.

Made from soft plastic to prevent scratching or chipping wheel finishes, but obviously, care must still be exercised when using this tool and it should never be forced into openings that are too small or tight. No sniggering at the back.

Please note that the design of the foam head may differ from that in the picture, due to manufacturing updates.

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