Carnauba Canister - carnauba explorer kit, 120ml

Dodo Juice


There is so much myth and misinformation about carnauba, the legendary car wax ingredient, that we decided it was time to feel the flake and lay down a few home truths. So we put some actual carnauba flakes in a 30ml jar, to satiate the curiosity of wax lovers everywhere. Touch it, feel it, lick it, melt it... you can even eat it in small quantities (they use it to make sweets and pills water resistant). And if you want to see what carnauba flakes can be used to make, don't worry.

The kit contains three more 30ml jars, showing some of its many uses (including two jars of car wax).

The first jar is Flat Earth, a 70% carnauba paperweight. That's right - it's useless as a car wax. We made this to show that all those 'million percent' carnauba claims bandied around by some manufacturers need to be taken with a pinch of sodium chloride.

The two other mini-jars contain stuff you can actually use. Rubbish Boy's Original Edition and Juiced Edition waxes. These legendary waxes came into being when Ben (Rubbish Boy) asked how to make a wax at home and the Dodo gave him a few pointers. Impressed with Ben's efforts, Dodo Juice helped bring his home-brew to market and made a 'mainstream' version of his recipe to show the difference a lab can make. You'll find that his Original Edition is a strong performer with bags of character and rustic appeal.

The Dodo Juice Juiced Edition is a bit more sophisticated, with slightly better ease of use. But they both work very well and it's difficult to pick a victor between them as they're so different.

Note that 30ml jars of car wax will coat an average-sized car three or four times over, so a little pot does go a long way.

Contains: Carnauba Flakes 30ml, Flat Earth 30ml, Rubbish Boys Original Edition 30ml and Rubbish Boys Juiced Edition 30ml

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