Captain Crevice - microfibre wheel mitt to reach in and behind spokes

Dodo Juice


Some wheel brushes can be quite harsh on soft wheel finishes, and you also run the risk of them flicking dirt or extra-strong wheel cleaner into your eyeballs during use. So we came up with a thin microfibre mitt that's gentle to your wheels, holds a lot of wash water and also lets you get a hand deep inside the wheel like a vet attending to a cow. And all with no flickage whatsoever.

Wheel brushes, like our useful Hog Brush, still have their place for lug holes and intricate spoke patterns, but once you try a wheel mitt you'll be a convert. There's no reason to use one of those scratchy-stick style brushes ever again. After all, can your brush pass the legendary Detailing World 'CD scratch test' and hold many times its weight in wash mixture? And has it got the word 'crevice' in its name? We thought not.

So get clicking on that basket button and soon you'll be experiencing the delights of microfibre wheel-mittery.

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