Buff Daddy PRO Intro Kit - starter DA-900 880W orbital machine polishing bundle (6 items) £21 saving

Dodo Juice


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A step up the machine polishing ladder, the Buff Daddy Pro is more powerful version of our original Buff Daddy (DAS-6) orbital machine. With great power comes great responsibility, though... the Pro can cut paint faster and more aggressively than the standard Buff Daddy, and can also run far hotter, which can potentially cause pad delamination. So user skill and common sense is needed.

This kit contains everything you need to get started with your Pro machine - a fine cut foam pad and heavier cut microfibre pad, plus fine and medium cut polishes in the form of Lime Prime and Lime Prime Plus. There's a special Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet to get you off on the right track, based around the machine, pads and polish that you'll actually be using. And then, to cap it off, we give you a saving of over £20! 

All you have to do is choose from a UK three-pin or EU continental two-pin plug, and whether you want it in the gift box or not. Click the button, await delivery, and then say goodbye to swirl marks for good...

Contains Dodo Juice Buff Daddy Pro DA-900 orbital machine polisher, Lime Prime 250ml, Lime Prime Plus 250ml, Waffle Red finishing pad, Supernatural Midi Microfibre orbital cutting pad, Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet

(£186 list price of items = £21 saving)

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