Buff Daddy - genuine DAS-6 orbital machine polisher (DA), 550W - EU PLUG 220-240v

Dodo Juice


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Removing swirls by hand can be hard work, time-consuming and can often lead to inconsistent results. The answer is a machine polisher – and the most user-friendly of all are the orbital machines (often called ‘Dual Action’ or ‘DA’ polishers). Because the polishing head travels in an orbit, there is less chance of the paint being inadvertently damaged. 

The Buff Daddy, a version (not a cheap COPY!) of the legendary DAS-6, is safer still because it has a clutched polishing head, meaning that the pad will stop rotating if too much pressure is applied for too low a power input. Ultimately, this means the pad stops rather than carries on grinding through your paint, like a rotary machine or DA with a driven orbit. So if you are new or inexperienced, the Buff Daddy is ideal. And if you're a pro you'll like it, too. Its gentle cut is perfect for refinish soft finishes without causing machine marks/holograms - and if you need more cut, simply reach for Lime Prime Plus and a Supernatural Midi Microfibre cutting pad and you can tackle even hard German clearcoats.

In spec and accessory terms, this lightweight (2.3kg) Dodo Juice DAS-6 500W orbital machine has a 6mm orbit (not too large to cause pigtails, excessive vibration or difficulty polishing up to body creases/swage lines and not too small so it still has excellent cut), it comes with a variable speed control (1-6 speed/power settings), soft touch gear cover, ventilated 125mm backing plate (to fit the usual 5/16” thread), over 3m of cable (EU two pin plug, 220-240v), D-handle, spare motor brushes and a Dodo Juice embroidered carry bag.

It also has two years of warranty and is CE marked - plus we'll send you a FREE copy of our Machine Polishing Tutorial booklet. This is absolutely indispensable if you've never machine polished before and may even be useful reading for seasoned pros. It explains the basic theory of machine polishing, how to get started, how to get meaningful results quickly and how to avoid basic mistakes. Furthermore, it elaborates on processes, techniques, machines and accessories. Cheaper machines don't tend to come with this level of useful info and they may often be sold with mismatched pads and polishes that can create confusion and inferior results.  

Finally, whilst the standard Buff Daddy is a competent machine, for heavy/daily or professional use, or for tackling harder paints more often, we'd suggest an upgrade to the torquier Buff Daddy Pro (880W) machine. This has more power available, so can exact the same cut at lower speed settings - which makes for a more relaxing correction process. There's also more cut when you need it. It's like a Golf GTi vs a Golf R. Around town, there's little difference, but if you were commuting on the autobahn at 120mph daily, the R is going to be more suitable.

Please note that pads and polishing compounds are not included and that user skill is critical for achieving fast, safe and competent paint correction. 

THIS IS THE EUROPEAN SPEC MACHINE WITH A TWO PIN PLUG. We have UK machines with 3 pin plugs listed. If UK machines are out of stock, EU machines can be used with a suitable plug adaptor or re-plugged at the customer's own risk.

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