Buff Daddy Expert Kit - complete DAS-6 550W orbital machine polishing bundle (11 items) £25 saving

Dodo Juice


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If you get called an expert, it usually means that you are highly skilled in a certain field. The fact that you're looking at this kit means that you, or someone else, classes you as an expert.

But let's admit it, it's probably you.

Either way, we're impressed, and we created this kit with your advanced requirements in mind.

Instead of our Intro Kit, which gets you going but little more, this Expert Kit gives you an additional super-fine polish for jewelling (you'll know what this means as you're an expert), an extra polishing foam pad and some buffing cloths for removing polish residues. There's also a Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet which you probably won't need. Because you're an expert. But we put it in anyway, so that you can confirm how much of an expert you are.

Note: this kit is available in both UK three-pin plug and continental two-pin plug configurations. PLEASE ENSURE YOU BUY THE CORRECT MACHINE TYPE FOR YOUR POWER SUPPLY.

Contains: Dodo Juice Buff Daddy DAS-6 550W orbital machine polisher, Supernatural Micro Prime 250ml, Lime Prime 250ml, Lime Prime Plus 250ml, Waffle Red finishing pad, Dodo Juice Blue Fin light polishing pad, Supernatural Midi Microfibre orbital cutting pad, Basics Extra-soft Buffing Cloths Triple Pack, Machine Polishing Tutorial Booklet

(£190 list price of items = £25 saving)

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