Vinyl Bucket Sticker Kit (Old Style) - wash, rinse and wheels bucket sticker bundle CLEARANCE

Dodo Juice

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SKU: LW00119

These are our original bucket stickers before we redesigned them.

They still do the job they were made to do, in the sense that the kit contains a 'Wash', a 'Rinse' and a 'Wheels' vinyl sticker for your triple buckets.

Some people might call them vintage, old skool or even retro.

Others may call them old stickers.

Will they become collectible like our original glass wax jars? Will there be rivalry between old skool and new skool bucket sticker owners?

However the story unfolds, be part of it. Buy this kit. Write history. Make your mark in the book of bucket designation. #oldschoolbucketstickersFTW

Contains: 'Wash' Sticker (Old Style), 'Rinse' Sticker (Old Style), 'Wheels' Sticker (Old Style)

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