The Boy Racer's Handbook by Kevin S Court, First Edition 1995

Dodo Juice

SKU: LW00103

Brand new but a little timeworn, with slight yellowing to the cover.

This anarchic (for its day, 1995 to be precise) A-Z antidote to the Highway Code was written by Dom from Dodo Juice when he was a student. It was subsequently published by Virgin Publishing and then cover-mounted by Fast Car.

A few of these first editions are left from the first print run and are nothing more than frivolous curiosities. They were £4.95 in 1995 and would be worth at least £5.48 today, allowing for inflation.

Due to them looking as tired as the humour inside, we're selling them here for two pounds a go, for use as fire-lighting material or hamster bedding.

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